Why Dive & Teach At PSC Blue Springs?

There are several things that make PSC Blue Springs a must dive destination here in the mid west. Divers from all over enjoy diving in places where they can see. We pride our self on maintaining  a standard in clarity. It is our belief that many inland sites have that one thing that makes them unique, for Blue Springs it’s the clarity of our water. With the basis of this theory we have designed our amenities topside to reflect what divers can expect when they dive at Blue Springs. We offer divers much more than just a place to scuba dive. We offer them an experience that they won’t find anywhere else. From our overnight accommodations rather it be primitive camping in one of our many campsites to our onsite cabin rental or to one of our hotel partners located within a 5 minute drive from the resort. To a wide selection of fine dining to the fast food chains. Maybe you want delivery, All three major pizza chains and sub chain deliver right to our waterfront. We also offer divers and instructors over 3000 square feet of pavilion space with picnic and equipment tables, and all under roof right at the waters edge. Making our guest happy and ensuring their safety is our primary focus. Now you know what Blue Springs is all about, isn’t it time to dive it?

Why Teach At PSC Blue Springs?

1. Over 3000 square feet of water front pavilion space.

2. Equipment tables with tie offs to protect your equipment

3. Diver exclusive environment

4. Confidential shop & group pricing available, contact Kris for details

5. Discounts with our hotel partners

6. Designated area for confined water training approved by both PADI & SSI

7. Concession bar (during summer season only)

8. Large camping areas & cabins for classes that want to stay at the facility.

9. Large training platforms to conduct check out dives on.

10. Navigation lines from attraction to attraction.

11. Discounts at local restaurants when you stay with our hotel partners.

12. Visibility is second to none for inland quarry diving.

13. On site repair and rentals

14. Drive thru check in.

15. Pre registration makes checking in faster.

These are just a few of the things that make PSC Blue Springs a desired training destination for area dive shops and instructors.