Treasure Hunt 2017

Treasure Hunt 2017 is On!

Aug. 26th 2017 Save the Date

Each year we help support different causes in their efforts in fund raising. We have donated to groups such as Wounded Warrior Foundation, American Cancer Society, Divers Alert Network and more. This year we have picked the Make A Wish Foundation as our 2017 charity to sponsor. Our motto for this years event is ” Happy Bubbles Helps Make A Wish”

Pre-Registration will end on Aug 21st 2017. Pre-Registration fee is $15.00 if postmarked before Aug 21st. After the 21st the fee goes to $20.00 per diver. If you like you can download the registration form below.

Credit Cards can not be accepted on site. However we do have a Make A Wish page set up and you can donate the required fee directly to them. The link to our page is also listed below. If you want to write a check or money order, please make it out to Make A Wish Foundation, not to Pennyroyal Scuba.

All divers that are taking part in the hunt will have to pay quarry admission. General admission is $25.00 per diver, of that $25.00 we will donate $10.00 for each diver that checks into the resort that day. This includes those that are not diving the hunt as well.

If you are making your donation on our Make A Wish page, please have verification that you donated the required amount so that during check in you won’t be asked to donate again.

All prizes are being donated by area dive shops, distributors, and manufactures. These fine folks will be listed as sponsors of the event. If your local dive shop is interested in helping please let us know, the more the merrier and bigger the event.

Our goal is to raise at least $2000.00 this year. We hope that will be an easy and exceeded goal with your help.

Make A Wish Fundraising Link 

Registration Form