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Open Water

There are several choices in the area to receive scuba training, However most are going to end up back with us to complete your check-out dives. We offer a complete start to finish program right here. No need to travel from place to place just to complete your class. We have a onsite classroom with designated confined area for pool training, and then of course our open water environment here at Blue Springs. Our classes are all-inclusive as well. Be sure to shop around and know what all you are going to have to pay for. We offer a no hidden cost guarantee. So let’s get started & sign up today.

Specialty Classes

So your want to continue your scuba experiences, well let us teach you how. By offering a variety of specialty classes, you can choose which way you want to go. Let our staff show you the way by signing up. Specialty classes we offer are: Night & limited Visibility, Search & Recovery, Perfect Buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Computer Diving, Wreck Diving, Dry suit Diving, Nitrox Diving, Deep Diving, Stress & Rescue, & React Right First aid/CPR/O2 Provider. Just to name a few.

Advanced Open Water

Once you complete 3 specialty classes & the Deep specialty class, you will receive the SSI advanced open water rating with 24 or more logged dives. So rather you need classes or just need to get some dives in Blue Springs is the one stop place to get both done.

Master Diver

Now that you have your Advanced Open Water rating down, you may want to start on your way to obtain the Master Diver rating. For this all you have to do is have first aid/CPR and Stress & Rescue. If you don’t have the First Aid/CPR don’t worry. We offer the SSI React Right program that includes First Aid, CPR, O2 Provider & AED. These are a prerequisite to the Diver Stress & Rescue Class. Once you complete these classes and have at least 50 logged dives you will receive the Master Diver Rating.

Professional Diving

The Dive Control Specialist program is the highest level that we teach here at Blue Springs. With this class you will enter the professional role of scuba diving. The Dive Con Program will teach you how to assist in conducting Open Water Scuba Class with an instructor. This program is only offered once a year and is limited to 5 Dive Con candidates. Prerequisite for this program are: Master Diver Rating with at least 60 logged dives.

For more information on our scuba training programs or to sign up, contact us today!

Scuba Training