Speciality Classes

So your already a certified Open Water Diver, and want to work on getting your Advanced Open Water certification. Well you have come to the right place. We will be happy to assist you on obtaining it. SSI offers divers several choices when it come to specialty classes. In order to receive your Advanced rating, you have to have taken four specialty classes. One of which must be a deep diving class. From there you just have to choose which other three classes you want to take. Once you have completed all four and have logged at least 24 dives you will receive your Advanced Open Water certification card. Not sure which classes we offer, don’t worry here is a list of all specialties that we offer our students.

1. Nitrox

2. Night & Limited Visibility

3. Boat Diving

4. Dry suit

5. Computer

6. Perfect Buoyancy

7. Search & Recovery

8. Stress & Rescue

9. Equipment Techniques

10. Wreck Diving

11. Navigation

12. Underwater Photography

13. Waves, Tides & Currents

14. React Right First Aid & CPR, O2 Provider & AED

15. Deep Diving

So remember that you will need the Deep Diving Class plus three additional classes and 24 logged dives to obtain your Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Class Cost: $440.00 Per Person

Each class varies in price, however one thing is the same, Sign up for the Advanced Open Water class, and it’s all four classes wrapped into one. Other training agencies offer an advanced open water diver certification, however they do not certify you in each specialty class involved with their certification. With SSI you will receive a certification with each specialty class you take as well as your Advanced card that’s a total of 5 certification cards you will receive. All four classes are just $440.00. Contact us for more information.