Open Water Referrals

Open Water Referrals

If you’re having a hard time getting in your check out dives for certification, then worry no more.

The instructional staff at Blue Springs is dedicated to helping students obtain their Open Water cert.

We participate in the Universal Referral Program, which is recognized by all major training agencies except for PADI. However we have you covered there as well. With a PADI instructor on staff we can get your dives out-of-the-way and into your log book.

If you have completed your Open Water classroom and pool sessions, you can schedule your check out dives with Blue Springs.

Our referral price is $175.00 which includes most everything you need for your weekend of diving. All referral students are required to have their own mask, fins, snorkel, and booties.

Things you must have.

1. Your student record or Universal Referral Form showing completion of all classroom and pool sessions.

2. A current medical statement from either SSI or PADI that shows you are medically cleared for scuba diving.

3. Your logbook

4. Any other equipment that you have purchased including mask, fins, snorkel & booties

How to schedule your referral.

1. Contact Blue Springs and book your date.

2. Let us know which training agency you were trained under.

3. Make you reservation at least a week ahead of time.