Intova X2 to Catch Eclipse

Intova X2 Cameras will capture the Eclipse

In one week, the Great American Eclipse will pass from West coast to East coast for the first time since 1908. As most already know we are viewing it from underwater. There have been several news agencies that have already contacted us for photo & video footage.

We have 4 Intova X2 cameras on the way that will capture the event as it unfolds. After the eclipse is over our guest can buy one of the 4 cameras used for the event. The retail on these cameras are around $400.00, but due to being used only for the eclipse, will be available for $250.00 each. Great camera and we are excited to be using the Intova X2 to capture a stellar moment underwater.

If you are diving and interested in a camera that filmed the eclipse, let one of our staff members know. They will be available after the eclipse on Monday Aug 21st. or contact Kris

Intova X2 is the Official camera for the Solar Eclipse Diver Certification,