Digital Guest Cards

Digital Guest Cards now available to our guest. Starting this season we will be offering our returning guest a digital delivery option. We have several guest that have lost their cards, so when they arrive we have to look them up in our system Co-Owner Kris Tapp said. By giving our guest the digital option, they can keep their digital card on their smart phone. Majority of people today always have their phone with them and the best part is our system can scan the bar code right from their phone. Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs has always been innovative when it comes to checking our guest in. in 2003 we started our computerized check in and started off laminating little bar coded cards for our guest. Then 2008 rolled around, when we started printing our current cards. Then taking it another step with online registration for our first time guest, this was designed to save our guest time by completing this step at home. Now making it even better, we have the ability to send our first time online registration their digital cards before they arrive.

For our returning guest wanting a new digital card, just let us know when you arrive that you would like a digital card. Our staff will be happy to get it sent to you.

For our new guest that are registering on site, we will ask how you want your card either digital or physical.

Starting with the 2018 season all new guest card will be digital. Anyone wanting printed cards will be charged $2.00 per card.

But for this year, we will be keeping things the same with the addition of asking how you want your card.



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