Equipment Service Time

Don’t Wait, Get it Serviced Before the Rush!


As divers who are in land locked areas know all too well, winter time can be a long stretch for those who don’t get to travel to warmer climates. At the end of the year we place our equipment in it storage place for the winter months and move on with life, family holidays ect. How many divers get their equipment our on occasions just to check it out or look it over. Keeping your equipment in good working order is a must to ensure that your next dive is safe and reduce the risk of equipment failure. At home you can ensure that your bcd inflator isn’t sticking by testing the valves, hook up your regulator to your tank and make sure if functions normally. These are just a couple of things during the winter time that you can do at home.

Depending on the time of year that you take your equipment in for it’s annual service and inspection can mean having to wait longer for your gear to be completed. It seems as the spring time is a popular time for divers bringing equipment in for services. So why wait? The last couple months of winter January, February or maybe early March is usually a good time for your local dive center to get to your equipment without having to wait 3 to 4 weeks for completion. The turn around time during these months are usually 2 weeks depending of course on how busy your LDS is, if they have services done with an outside company or what not.  

Getting you equipment in early makes it easier on everyone, first of all you as the diver because now it will be ready for you when the water is warm enough, secondly your LDS service tech will be able to get to your equipment quicker as they will most likely not have a backlog of equipment to work on. Especially is you are planning on taking any upcoming classes and need your equipment for pool skills. Having our own equipment makes us more comfortable during a dive. Like anything else, if you take care of your equipment it will last you a long time, with proper care and service extending the life of your equipment.

So what are you waiting for! get your equipment out of the closet, take it to your LDS and be ready to dive when the 2017 diving season starts.


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