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Broadcasting live underwater!!

Well this was a first. Broadcasting live…underwater!! You can scuba dive and experience other outdoor events this weekend at the Owensboro Convention Center.

Posted by Hillary Simon 14 News on Friday, February 5, 2016

Last year was the inaugural Ky Sportsman’s Show in Owensboro Ky. After finding out about this we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get in on this groundbreaking event. Its a Sporting show that had things like hunting, fishing, boating, chainsaw carving even ATV’s and RV’s. Why not add scuba to the mix. After a couple of months, planning and finalizing the details were complete and the Go Dive Now pool was scheduled. The show had a few mishaps, but that is to be expected the first time through. Now that things are in place and show management has a plan to build on, this should be a fantastic event.

For the 2nd year we are proud to be a sponsor of the show, and come together with our industry friends to provide a professional scuba experience for the attendees of the show.

Along with our friends at Aquatech Scuba, New Horizons Diving & Waterdogs Scuba we will be providing show attendees a glimpse of the underwater world that is waiting.

If you are not certified and are interested in becoming a scuba diver or already a diver and have friends or family that wants to take the plunge, come out and see us at the Go Dive Now Pool during the Ky Sportsman’s Show.

Show times: Friday Feb 3rd- 4pm to 8pm,

Saturday Feb 4th- 10am to 8pm,

Sunday Feb 5th- 12pm – 4pm

Happy Bubbles!!!!

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