Be A Diver, A Huge Success at the Show

This past weekend we were joined by two other dive shops to host the Be A Diver pool at the Kentucky Sportsman’s Show. This was the first time the pool has come to the state for a show. The turnout was great for a first time show and a lot of people took advantage of the near 90 degree water. It was a fun filled weekend being able to show people how much fun scuba can be. We love scuba so we want to share it. The highlight of the weekend was when a young man and his grandpa came to the pool and he wanted to try it. At that time we didn’t know that he had just lost his dad a couple of months ago. While this young man was in the pool, his grandpa was telling us about his son who had passed away. It was a very heart wrenching moment and at that point they both became part of the family. The grandpa had just finished telling us his story when they young man emerged from the pool with the excitement gleaming on his face. You could tell at that exact moment he fell in love with scuba. Both sat at our booth and talked for a while getting setup to start his classes. We found out later that his grandpa has some significant health issues he is facing and doesn’t look good, but for that one moment they both were carefree and was enjoying the love of scuba.

All in all it was a great weekend with great people. It’s always fun getting out and sharing our passion for the underwater world. Many people don’t think about it or put it off, so the next time you or ones you know get the opportunity to try an event like this we encourage you to experience it for yourself. You never know, you might just Be A Diver and take the first step in becoming a certified Open Water Diver.

Special thanks to Aquatech in Evansville In. and to New Horizons Dive Center in Lexington for helping us  make the Be A Diver pool event a huge success in Owensboro Ky this past weekend.

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