Roatan 2015 Day 1

The First Day In Roatan


Come on in, the water is great!

A beautiful setting here in Roatan Bay Island as the PSC crew embarked on the first day of diving. It was a great start as we headed to breakfast, the weather forecast was calling for 50% chance of rain before we headed down here. However so far it’s been hot and plenty of sunshine. After breakfast we headed to Subway Watersports to get briefed on the daily dive.

Dive #1

Our dive master Osman started the briefing once we arrived at the first dive site called “Labyrinth”. As everyone entered the water and descended the feeling of being back in saltwater hit. It was a great feeling. Overall not too bad even though 3 of our dive computers failed. That made for a short dive as 25 mins was our max dive time. We did make it to around 75ft. where an eagle ray was hanging out. For our surface interval we headed back to the shop to check out our computer issues. Lucky for us it was an simple fix and we were ready for dive #2.

Dive #2

The second dive of the day was on a site called “White Hole”. With the dive briefing done we headed back into the water. This dive started out on a white sandy area surrounded coral. The depth was 45ft. with visibility around 100ft. It was a nice 83 degrees during the entire dive. Things went great, over the 50 minute dive we encountered a couple green morray eels, lion fish, stone fish, puffer fish and several others. I forgot to mention Hannah our DM candidate who was assisting us on the first and second dive of the day. Our boat captain Kevin was there assisting us out of the water as well. Once back on the boat it was time to head in for lunch. We had a 2 hour and 30minute surface interval.

Dive #3

The 3rd dive of the day came as our afternoon dive. We loaded back on the boat. This dive we were joined by Amy another DM candidate, close to completing her DM class. As we made it out to the dive site called “Andy’s Wall” we donned our gear and headed back into the clear blue water. We descended to 45ft. with a max depth of 60ft. It was another great dive but the highlight was seeing one of our divers find a lion fish. With his tank banger ringing against his tank he pointed out to DM Osman. Our dive time for dive 3 was again 50min.

Now that day 1 of diving is in the book (Log Book that is) it’s time to relax and get ready to do it again tomorrow. Here are a few photos from our first day as we look forward to tomorrow. Happy Bubbles ! ! ! !

The first day

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