Current Conditions as of 7/3/2015

Happy Birthday USA!!!

First off we want to say Happy Birthday USA as we prepare to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. The recent weather has played havoc over the past two days dumping over 3 inches of rain over the quarry. On the 1st the visibility was awesome in the shallow water, but mother nature got us again. So if your diving with us this holiday weekend here are the most up to date water conditions.

Depth Visibility Temperature Exposure Suit
Surface 10-15 ft. 78 Degrees 5mm/7mm
25ft. 15ft. 64Degrees 7mm – Drysuit
50ft. 30ft. 47Degrees Dry suit
75ft. 20 ft. 44Degrees Dry suit
100ft. 10 ft. 43Degrees Dry suit

Due to recent rainfall, Visibility in the shallow area is decreased!!!

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