Conditions for the weekend of 5/30/15

The weather so far for this season had been a roller coaster.  With all the rain, it seems as though as we need our gear just to get around on the surface. Visibility in the shallow area has been affected as a result of all the recent rain, however if you don’t mind getting below the thermocline to around 40 foot, then that’s the best spot for visibility this weekend. 40 to 60 foot of visibility below the 40 ft mark was reported today with the average in the shallow area at 8 to 10 ft.

Depth Visibility Temperature Exposure Suit
Surface 5-10 ft. 72 Degrees 5mm/7mm
25ft. 10 ft. 60Degrees 7mm – Drysuit
50ft. 40 ft. 46Degrees Dry suit
75ft. 40 ft. 43Degrees Dry suit
100ft. 10 ft. 40Degrees Dry suit

Due to recent rain fall, the shallow area visibility is reduced. Below 40 ft. opens up to 40+ ft.


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