Water Conditions for 5/22/2015

Last weekend was a mess with all the rain we received. Hopkinsville reported almost 5 inches of rain fell last Saturday. This took a drastic toll on the surface visibility here at the quarry. Visibility went from 30 ft. Friday to almost 0 during the day Saturday. It is slowly coming back with the run off now settling into the deeper water. Remember that we start our summer hours this weekend. Here is the current conditions as of Friday May 22nd 2015.

Depth Visibility Temperature Exposure Suit
Surface 10 ft. 70 Degrees 5mm/7mm
25ft. 10 ft. 60Degrees 7mm – Drysuit
50ft. 30 ft. 46Degrees Dry suit
75ft. 40 ft. 43Degrees Dry suit
100ft. 10 ft. 42Degrees Dry suit

We hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend, hope to see you soon. Happy Bubbles!!!!

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