Weekend Conditions as of 5/8/2015

We have waited all week to get to Friday and now its here. Here is the weather outlook and current water conditions the this weekend.

Saturday 5/9/2015

Weather forecasters are calling for a 50% chance of afternoon scattered showers. Partly cloudy most of the day with a high around 85.

Sunday 5/10/2015

With a 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms with a high of around 91. Where did Spring go?

Here are your current water conditions as of 5/8/2015

Depth Visibility Temperature Exposure Suit
Surface 30+ ft. 69 Degrees 5mm/7mm
25ft. 30 ft. 58 Degrees 7mm – Drysuit
50ft. 30 ft. 46Degrees Dry suit
75ft. 40 ft. 43Degrees Dry suit
100ft. 10 ft. 42Degrees Dry suit

Until next weeks updates, Happy Bubbles


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