Season Passes for 2015

Now that things are slowing down and people are getting back to their normal routine, it’s about time for our annual season passes to go on sale. Our passes allow the pass holder to dive during the regular season without paying a daily admission fee. These passes may be used during normal operating hours for your admission. When is our regular season? April thru October into the 2nd weekend of November. Yes anytime we are open during these months you may use your pass and dive & the only thing you will need additional is maybe an air fill or two

So are there any restrictions for the passes? Yes, with these passes you will be subject to black out dates. Now the only time we black them out are for charity events where money is being raised for a non-profit organization. We will announce any blackout date(s) well in advance so that you are not caught off guard and know when they can’t be used. However for a majority of the season and by majority we mean only 1 or 2 days that may be blacked out, you may use your pass for admission. These passes can not be used to make reservations outside of our normal business hours. If you wish to make a reservation for us to open up, you will be charged a daily rate with the minimum number of divers required.

Ok so know we know a bit more about these passes, let’s look at the cost. Our 2015 Season Pass is $250.00 for the season. That’s 10 days worth of admission. So you are probably thinking will I dive more than 10 days this season? If the answer is yes, then let us save you some money with our pass. What is better than buying the season pass? getting it for $175.00. Yes we said it, $175.00 for the season pass during the first 2 weeks they go on sale or they run out which ever comes first. Now the catch, you must have signed up on our resort email list in order to get the discount code. Without the code you won’t be able to get the discount, so go ahead and sign up. It’s easy, fast and most of all free & will save more on your Season Pass purchase. The email is scheduled to be sent out on Wednesday 1/14/2015 at 10 a.m. so you need to be signed up before hand to get the code. It will not be resent or forwarded.

Like last season we have 20 passes for sale. They go fast so get yours before their gone and save $$$ this coming season. There is a short form to fill out when purchasing your pass. This allows is to make sure the information is correct in out system so that when you check in, it will show that you are a season pass holder. Passes will only be issued once payment is complete through PayPal. Once complete we will process your pass and either hold it on site until your first visit of the season or we will mail it to you. You can choose when ordering on the form.

This is the 3rd year for us to offer these types of passes and with limited supply several people are not able to get one in time before they are gone, so be sure to subscribe, get the code, buy your pass on Friday 1/16/2015. If you get the code and it doesn’t work please retry it as it is time stamped when to start but is scheduled for midnight on the 16th.

Our next post we will give updates on the upcoming projects that are in the works for the 2015 season and the progress. Thanks again for supporting us and being a valued guest with us here at PSC Blue Springs Resort.

Dennis, Kris & the entire PSC Family

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