Roatan 2015 Day 2

Day 2 In 3…2…1…

Another great day here in on the island of Roatan. At the end of the day we had logged another 3 dives giving us 6 thus far. Things went great today as we woke up and prepared to venture out for day #2. We were lucky to have our same boat crew from yesterday again. Capt. Kevin, DM Osman aka Ozzy and Hannah the DM candidate. After breakfast we headed to the boat and loaded up.

Dive #1

IMAG0041The seas were a bit rougher this morning than they were yesterday but that didn’t stop us. We were briefed one the first site called “Sponge Wall”. This was planned to be a deep dive as we had two from o
ur group that wanted to get their deep dive specialty cert. We planned 100 ft. and multi level up to 60ft. then to 30ft. where we would tour around and off gas from the deep. We made our giant stride and proceeded down to our stage area before descending to our planned depth. We didn’t take our cameras on this dive due to working with students. As we dropped down, we hovered at the 100 ft. mark were our students preformed a couple of skills to show the decreased reaction time from writing numbers backwards and the color loss that occurs at depth. Our armbands which are a light blue looked white. With the help of our flashlights they were able to see how light restores colors at depth. We made our way up to 60 ft. where we hung out until the group was all together and ascended back up over the wall to the 30 ft. mark. With a couple of divers below 1000 psi we headed for the boat where the safety tank was hanging. After the required safety stop everyone boarded back onto the boat and we headed off to the next site.

Dive #1 Site: Sponge Wall, Dive Time: 29 min.

Dive #2

This was an exciting dive for us just because Co-Owner Dennis Tapp became a lion fish hunter. It was this dive that he got his very first lion fish. Ok on to the dive.

As we completed a 1 hour surface interval since we had made a deep dive first, we were again briefed on the site. This dive was going to be at “Polly Tilly” reef. with a planned depth to 60 ft. we donned our gear and leaped back into the blue waters of the island. once we were all under, we made our way to a large sandy area to get neutral and proceeded on to the reef. This time the cameras were rolling. As we made our way around the reef, DM Ozzy spotted a lion fish. He was quick to get the first one. He trimmed the fins, tucked it away and continued on pointing out a couple lobsters. This place is covered with lion fish as it didn’t take too long for him to spot another. This time it was Dennis Tapp who would try his hand at the hunt. Being the first time he had ever tried it, he pulled the spear back, moved in close and let loose. Unfortunately he came up empty as it glanced off and the fish disappeared into the reef. So here we go continuing on with the dive, looking under and around every crack and crevasse to see what we could find.


PSC Co Owner Dennis Tapp with his first Lion Fish

The tank banger sounded as Ozzy had found another lion fish hanging out. Ozzy again passed the spear off to Dennis who was determined to get this one. As he drew back of the spear, he moved in for the kill. Easing up to within inches he let loose the spear and got it. DM Ozzy took over, trimmed the fins and continued on. We encountered a sea cucumber, morray eel and other small reef marine life but still nothing huge except one nice size grouper that disappeared before I could get a photo. We made our way on around the reef back to the boat. At the mooring line we made our ascent to fine that it was about to rain and had got cooler on the boat. With all divers accounted for, the engines fired up and we were headed in for lunch.

Dive #2: Site: Polly Tilly, Dive Time 50 mins.

Dive #3

Being full from lunch, we made our way back to the boat to prepare for the last dive of the day. Slowly everyone made their way on-board. Well not everyone, Our DM candidate had to take off after dive 2 so we were down to just Capt. Kevin and DM Ozzy. Kevin fired up the twin engines and away we were. It was a short ride out to “Milton Wall”. DM Ozzy tied off to the mooring line and proceeded to give the dive briefing and with that we were off again. We descended down and with DM Ozzy in the lead we were off. Around the coral we went looking for anything exciting when the banger sounded. DM Ozzy did it again, another lion fish. Being only fair, he motioned for diver Bob Egbert and handed off his spear. Now it was Bob’s turn. He drew back the spear and moved in. It’s harder that it looks he said after the dive. Needless to say he too came up without the prize as his prey had slipped away after the miss. Don’t worry Bob you’ll get the next one. He handed the spear back to Ozzy and off we went. Toward the middle of the dive

Morray Feeding Time

Morray Feeding Time

Ozzy spotted another morray hiding in the coral, with the banger he gathered us around and commenced to drawing it out with pieces of lion fish from earlier. This gave us the chance to get some great photos of this morray enjoying some lunch. We left it be and continued on. The last thing spotted on this dive was a lobster hiding, all in all was a great dive. We seen the eel, stone fish, dog fish, and tons of small fish. Up to our safety stop, we hung out and waited to surface. Once we broke the surface, it was raining like crazy. once we were back on the boat it quit and we headed back to dock. Another good ending to a great day of diving. Tomorrow we head to the west end and do some wreck diving, looking forward to seeing some Goliath Groupers again.

Dive #3: Site Name: Milton Wall, Dive Time:56 mins, Depth: 60 ft.

Well it’s getting late here on the island, time to relax and rest up for the long trek to the west end. Looking forward to day 3 of diving. Only 2 more days of diving after tomorrow, so far everyone has enjoyed this awesome trip. Until tomorrows post, sleep tight and dream of Happy Bubbles!!!!

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